Friday, October 2, 2009


The strangest link I've probably ever seen on a website (courtesy of ESPN):

"Report: Ted Williams' frozen head abused in lab"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Your Civics Lesson

I'm teaching intermediate macro-economics this semester. One thing that keeps coming up in this class is the generally low level of knowledge regarding the role and relationship of various actors in the government. This is not some screed about how "kids are so dumb these days", I know plenty of adults who are similarly uninformed about how things work. So here is a quick primer for you:


This should have been really obvious before, but I wanted to make sure you all knew what a colossal geek I am. This summer Sig and I finally agreed to a split in the Lego cache that my mom has been holding onto for all these years.  Not only did I spend a fair amount of time building a Lego town (for the kids, really), but I took pictures.

More importantly, I learned a few things about playing with Lego as an adult:
1. I was a very dirty child. Soiled. Some of these pieces are disgusting. The white bricks aren't so much white as kind of a grayish-brown.
2. You can *always* find a few more pieces to put together a new building.
3. Abby and Madeline don't really share my personal aesthetic regarding Lego towns. (i.e. they play Lego *wrong*)
4. I can totally see how people end up spending lots of money on this. I can think of about 500 things I wanted to add to the town.

Right now the town is back down (playgroup, etc. were not kind to it), but this weekend we're supposed to build a big castle (surprise, surprise).  I will keep my Lego-starved public informed of the progress.

Aunt Siggy Cute

She has cats! Yeah! (Unless you're Kirstin, then Boo!)

Sleepy in Pittsburgh Cute

With Greta, Wyatt, and Max (I think Gavin was still at work):

Anchorwoman Cute

From the children's museum in St. Louis

Please Don't Throw Up Cute

Apparently they both have good stomachs: