Thursday, December 6, 2007

Random Sports

A few things to get off my mind and onto the web-o-net:

1. Michigan hockey continues to look very good. Big wins around Thanksgiving versus Wisconsin and Minnesota. I'm willing to forgive the hiccup against Ohio State the following week, where we split with the Buckeyes. My boy Louie Caporusso has quited down lately, and has missed some games (can't get any info on whether this is injury or Red's decision). But freshman continue to be big contributors. Palushaj, Pacioretty, Langlais, Rust, and Hagelin are 3-7 in team scoring. Bryan Hogan got a start vs OSU, after having mono for the first two months of the season, and scored a W.

2. Who in the Michigan athletic department agreed to play Florida in the Capital One Bowl? Isn't this just the Oregon game all over again, except with more speed and a better quarterback? I want to believe, but yikes.

3. College football - doesn't this crap-ass LSU/Ohio State match-up make the case for a real playoff? How can you tell me Oklahoma, or USC, aren't really deserving of those spots? What about Virginia Tech? Aren't they a different team than lost to LSU early in the season? Here's the 1st round matchups of my mythical 16-team playoff, based on the BCS rankings
  1. Ohio State (1) vs. Tennessee (16) - the battle of the loudest stadium in America
  2. LSU (2) vs. Clemson (15) - not a bad game either
  3. Virginia Tech (3) vs. BC (14) - you might want to shake this up to avoid their 3rd meeting
  4. Oklahoma (4) vs. Illinois (13) - also not a bad basketball game
  5. Georgia (5) vs. Florida (12) - the world's extra-largest cocktail party?
  6. Missouri (6) vs. Arizona State (11) - wasn't this a Final Four game from like 1986?
  7. USC (7) vs. Hawaii (10) - probably 42-0 in USC's favor, but whatever
  8. Kansas (8) vs. West Virginia (9) - uh, okay, I wouldn't watch this either
Let's assume the higher seeds win each game, then your final 8 looks like this
  1. Ohio State (1) vs. Kansas (8) - alright, still boring
  2. LSU(2) vs. USC (7) - now we're talking
  3. Virginia Tech (3) vs. Missouri (6) - can Chase Daniel handle that D?
  4. Oklahoma (4) vs. Georgia (5) - TOP quality game
From there, who knows, but isn't this a lot better than what we're going to get anyway?

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