Monday, July 21, 2008

Road blog

It has begun.  The great Northeastern Vollrath Family Trip-o-palooza 2008 is underway.  

Stage 1 - Houston to Lufkin, TX - watch Peter Pan, eat animal crackers and some grapes.
Stage 2 - Lufkin to Marshall, TX - watch Ratatouille, eat cheese sticks, crackers, carrots, and some oatmeal cookies. 
Stage 3 - Marshall to a rest stop west of Arkadelphia, AK - play Nick Jr. DVD Bingo, eat some kind of honey pretzel stick things and drink juice.
Stage 4 - Rest stop to Little Rock, AK - watch Cinderella, manage to survive 1 hour and 30 minutes without any caloric intake.

Luckily, we have approximately 30 different DVDs left - so we're good there.  If it were possible to just hook Abby and Maddie up to some kind of cracker/juice/cookie IV drip, we'd be all set.  I understand that when you're bored in the car, you snack.  But it's like they're diabetic and in some kind of blood sugar crash. 

Today went surprisingly well - limited sniffling over anything, and enough crap-tastic dollar store specials to keep everyone interested. 

I think the big problem will be telling them that we've got to do this again - 3 more times.  More sugar, stat.

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Lollyblogger said...

We have been thinking of you guys all day today! Happy travels, and please don't turn into a Clark Griswald!