Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Um, what about the rest of us?

From here, I saw this quote from Patrick Ruffini

"The GOP's number one priority politically is to set into motion a series of events that will make Obama look more ineffective, partisan, and unpopular than he is today. Playing hard-to-get on the stimulus is one way to do it. And we need to set the stage for a unified and effective Republican opposition that will actually fight from top to bottom."

No one is suggesting that the Republicans should just roll over and play dead, but shouldn't the GOP at least give lip service to the number 1 priority be making wise decisions about how to lead the U.S. forward?  I don't give a crap who "wins" the policy arguments - I care that good, thoughtful, useful, limited policies are put in place.  If the Republicans are going to position themselves solely as the party that wants to make Obama look bad, then I have another reason (#156) to not go back to being a Republican.

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