Monday, February 16, 2009

No, this is not an X-files episode

One Pvt. Brandon Neely served as a prison guard at Gitmo, and recently told his story to the Associated Press. Scott Horton, in Harper's, has written a story about Neely, his story, and Gitmo. Here's a really peachy excerpt.

He describes body searches undertaken for no legitimate security purpose, simply to sexually invade and humiliate the prisoners. This was a standardized Bush Administration tactic–the importance of which became apparent to me when I participated in some Capitol Hill negotiations with White House representatives relating to legislation creating criminal law accountability for contractors. The Bush White House vehemently objected to provisions of the law dealing with rape by instrumentality. When House [of Representatives] negotiators pressed to know why, they were met first with silence and then an embarrassed acknowledgement that a key part of the Bush program included invasion of the bodies of prisoners in a way that might be deemed rape by instrumentality under existing federal and state criminal statutes.

Do you feel uncomfortable?  Did this seem inappropriate to talk about or mention?  Was this `too much information'?

Good.  I hope you have a poor night's sleep thinking about what the President of the United States authorized and ordered our soldiers to do.  I hope you feel queasy most of the afternoon.

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