Thursday, October 1, 2009


This should have been really obvious before, but I wanted to make sure you all knew what a colossal geek I am. This summer Sig and I finally agreed to a split in the Lego cache that my mom has been holding onto for all these years.  Not only did I spend a fair amount of time building a Lego town (for the kids, really), but I took pictures.

More importantly, I learned a few things about playing with Lego as an adult:
1. I was a very dirty child. Soiled. Some of these pieces are disgusting. The white bricks aren't so much white as kind of a grayish-brown.
2. You can *always* find a few more pieces to put together a new building.
3. Abby and Madeline don't really share my personal aesthetic regarding Lego towns. (i.e. they play Lego *wrong*)
4. I can totally see how people end up spending lots of money on this. I can think of about 500 things I wanted to add to the town.

Right now the town is back down (playgroup, etc. were not kind to it), but this weekend we're supposed to build a big castle (surprise, surprise).  I will keep my Lego-starved public informed of the progress.


Petey Esdie said...

that must have been a blast!

Diane Vollrath said...

I am still not sure how the Lego left my control...I was ambushed by my son and grandson. How could you! I was going to sell this stuff on ebay and get back my 401K losses. Now I will have to come and live in LegoTown....

Love ya...Mom