Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So this article says that the new GM chief is really going to buckle down and provide a real turn-around plan for the hopeless car company.  I understand that trying to change the course of a super-tanker sized company like GM can't be done immediately.  But it seems to me that this super-tanker has actually run aground, and Fritz Henderson can pull on the tiller all he wants, the company isn't going anywhere.

It's done. Let it die.  Auction off the different brands to Toyota, Honda, VW, etc.. and let them pick over the wreckage to salvage as much value as possible.  But stop pretending that GM is a viable company.

Not that this in any way, shape, or form should be seen as supporting the fact that the President of the U.S. fired the CEO of a company.  That is just not right.

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