Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I guess I shouldn't care that some people are so galactically stupid, but come on.  This article is about people who are planning on lowering their income below $250,000 a year so that they can avoid the tax increase proposed by the Obama administration.

Stop. Think about it for a minute.  Take a look at your tax packet from the IRS.   If the tax rate on income ABOVE $250,000 goes up, that doesn't mean that tax rates on income under $250,000 go up.  If you make $300,000 a year, your total tax bill will go up and your take-home income will go down.  If you lower your income to $249,999.99 a year, your income will go down by MORE.

You can't make more by making less.  But maybe the idiots in this article deserve to make less.

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