Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Full US Weekly Update

Here's the full standings for the season so far. Remember, February 24th is the Oscar's, and our first season will be over. (For many of you, it already is) Make sure to remind your slacker friends and relatives to get in their lists of 15 celebs for the new season. Don't forget, as well, that YOU can update your own list of 15 celebs for the new season.

Season Standings:
1. The Boob Jobs (418)
2. F-ing French (379)
3. Dina Lohan's Playgroup (327)
4. CM's (312)
5. Fourteen Freaks and a Kid (303)
6. Los Chulos y Las Putas (288)
Ocean's Fifteen (288)
8. The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly (269)
9. Papa Razzies (240)

Well done, JD, well done.

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