Friday, February 22, 2008

This cannot be bad...

Apparently David Simon (the guy who created and writes The Wire) is working on a new series about New Orleans, specifically the music community in New Orleans. Signs it could be good:

"Some of Simon's known research sources for the script include New Orleans locals intimate with the music scene -- Kermit Ruffins, members of the Rebirth Brass Band, Donald Harrison Jr., DJ/pianist Davis Rogan -- as well as media members, police and political players."

"..a particularly transformative experience at the Funky Butt in New Orleans."

As someone who is totally wrapped up in The Wire (we're just getting into season 3 right now), I'm pumped.

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K-Cheech said...

The fact that you have had your own transformative experience at teh Funky Butt doesn't play into this, does it?