Friday, June 6, 2008


It's about time someone got around to providing some economic security for people who won't be "Raptured". You know, Revelations and pits of hell, etc. etc.. Those of us (ok, you) who will ascend to heaven and sit at the right hand......(you get the picture) can set up an e-mail that will be sent out to those of you (ok, me) who are drowing in rivers of our own blood.

That e-mail will contain whatever message you wish, as well as any documentation that you desire your non-Raptured associates to receive (e.g. instructions for picking up your mail and feeding the cat. You know, things you'll be too busy harp-stroking to get around to).

The best part about the site is that it is called "You've Been Left Behind". As if the rivers of blood weren't enough to clue you in, don't miss that handy e-mail from your self-righteous Raptured asshole neighbor telling you "I told you so" and that you are bound to endure an eternity of suffering (as if knowing self-righteous Raptured assholes wasn't bad enough).

Oh, and don't forget to empty the litter box, you heathen.

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