Friday, June 27, 2008

I want a Pop

We all know that most people in the U.S. use the wrong word when ordering carbonated beverages (it's Pop - not soda, and certainly not Coke). Here's a map that demonstrates where to find the true believers and where to find the infidels. (Yellow is soda, blue is pop, and red is Coke)

Some things on this made me scratch my head. First, how confusing is it to live in North Carolina? Look at the mish-mash of names; some places use pop, some soda, some Coke. Seriously, are there little isolated clusters of Midwesterners huddled together sipping their pop, hoping the Soda Gestapo doesn't burst in on them?

And if this map is right, then I have to seriously re-jig my thinking on the whole eastern half of Wisconsin. I don't recall hearing the word "soda" a lot in my time there. But if it's true, maybe it explains why you can't trust anyone from Sheboygan. Or Manitowoc. Or Fond du Lac, Waukesha, or Racine. We already know the Kenoshans are just cheese-eating pornographers, but this just seals the deal. Cede them to Illinois and be done with it.

Oh, and Shawano. Sons of bitches.

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David Schutz said...

i want to know what the green areas call it...what falls under "other"?

"yep, at the end a long day, there's nothing like popping open a can of cold 'sweet-water' to quench my thirst."

i think i'm going to call it that from now on. just to confuse and piss off people.