Monday, June 2, 2008

He Hit the F*$&-ing Post

I'm watching game 5 of the Cup finals right now. 2-1 Pens. Rough first period - I really thought the Penguins would fold up after game 4 (especially after the 5 on 3 went so badly). But the Wings seem to have the pace back, and Fleury has had to make some incredible saves to keep the Pens in it. Which is scary enough -because if he gets hot this could become a problem.

Datysuk just tipped the cross-bar, and I really thought that puck had gone in. The Wings gotta get it tied up - if the Pens get it to 3-1 then Fleury probably keeps them in the game and we're back to Pittsburgh for game 6. Gotta put your foot on their neck when their down.

Random thought while watching: is Nick Lidstrom now one of the 5 best defensemen ever? Bobby Orr, obviously, is #1. Then, in no particular order, I'd have to include Denis Potvin and Larry Robinson. Doug Harvey and Ray Bourque have to be on the list somewhere, don't they? So who would you kick out of the top 5 to put Lidstrom in?

I know this is sacrilege, but I think Bourque might have to move out. Is there something Bourque could do that Lidstrom can't? So let's call it
1. Orr
2. Harvey
3. Potvin
4. Robinson
5. Lidstrom
6. Bourque

(Paul Coffey? No thanks, you have to actually play defense, not just skate fast.)

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