Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good News

Abby had her orthopedic appointment yesterday.  She's got a classic clavicle break, and in a little kid like her there is nothing to be worried about.  She'll only need her arm sling for another week (Merry Christmas), and should be able to have full motion of the shoulder around then as well.

Over the next week, she'll develop a bump/bruise on her shoulder as the blood clot forms around the break to close it up.  As she grows, the bone will smooth itself out and become straight again (right now it looks like a really shallow inverted V).  But in another 3 weeks she should be clear to do swimming, ballet, etc.. without a problem. 

As a side note, we realized that Madeline is the only one to make it through (almost all) of 2008 without a serious injury (Kirstin - twisted tube, Me - ribs, Abby - shoulder).  There are two possible conclusions:
1) She's due
2) She's responsible

Vegas has #2 as a 5-1 favorite.

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