Friday, December 12, 2008

Poor Chinese People

No, I don't mean "poor" as in "not a lot of money", but "poor" as in "sad and put upon".  The Chinese government has issued numerous statements over the years about how some other country has "hurt the feelings of the Chinese people", which apparently is a classic mis-translation into English of what the Chinese really mean (something more along the lines of "you're a d-bag").

This site has counted up the number of times people have officially hurt the feelings of the Chinese.  Not surprisingly, Japan came in #1 (with 43 instances - or roughly twice every three years since Communist China was founded).  The USA is #2 with only 23 times. 

We can do better!  I challenge everyone to offend the sensibilities of the entire Chinese nation as much as possible. We're the USA. We should be #1!!!   We don't send professional athletes to the Olympics to finish #2 do we?  Come on America, let's get a move on!

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