Monday, December 1, 2008

In Defense of Kirstin

This is for Kir, who gets worked up over this kind of stupidity.

From Slate:
      If you're like me, you grew up worrying about people starving in other
      countries. Your mom would tell you things like, "Eat your food. There are
      kids going hungry tonight." But hunger, as a global threat, is now
      dwarfed by overweight. According to Popkin, the population of obese and
      overweight people worldwide—1.6 billion—is now twice as large as the
      population of malnourished people.

An interesting fact, perhaps.  But if true, then there are about 800 million under-nourished people in the world, while the population of malnourished people is 1.6 billion + 0.8 billion = 2.4 billion.  The prefix "mal" means "bad" or "incorrect" or "wrong".  Like malfunction, or malignant, or malcontent, or maleficent. It does not mean "under".   Anyone with poor nutrition is malnourished, and their actual weight is immaterial.

Stupid interweb.

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