Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Go Blue

Michigan took the CCHA tournament championship, beating Miami (OH) 2-1. This put Michigan back to #1 in the national rankings and netted them the #1 seed in the NCAA tournament. Here's the tourney breakdown:

East (Albany)
1. Michigan v 4. Niagra
2. St. Cloud State v 3. Clarkson

West (Colorado Springs)
1. New Hampshire v. 4. Notre Dame
2. Colorado College v. 3. Michigan State

Midwest (Madison)
1. North Dakota v. 4. Princeton
2. Denver v. 3. Wisconsin

Northeast (Worchester)
1. Miami v. 4. Air Force
2. Boston College v. 3. Minnesota

My predicted Frozen Four: Michigan, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Boston College

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