Monday, March 10, 2008

Michigan Hockey Story

Thanks to Andy for pointing out this article on Yost Ice Arena. Still my favorite place to see any athletic event. My two personal favorite Yost moments:

1) Sophomore year, and we have seats on the glass to the left of the visitors bench (towards the pep band end of the arena). On faceoffs at the goalies right hand dot, a defenseman would be standing right in front of us, up against the class to catch clearing attempts. This allows for a variety of heckling opportunities. Against LSSU one night, back when they were a hockey force of nature, their defenseman Astley lines up in front of us. We stand up, and since this is prior to the new higher glass, we scream down at Astley for a good minute or two. He gets pissed off enough to actually take a whack at Hachigian with his stick. Our entire section starts chanting "A**hole A**hole A**hole" at him. A thing of beauty.

2) Same year, playing I think Western Michigan. They suck. Cottage Inn has a "If Michigan scores 10 goals, your ticket stub will get you a free small pizza" promotion going. So Michigan gets up to 9 goals, and the backup goalie is in. Our section starts yelling during stoppages - "Let one in and I'll share my pizza!" The goalie stops, looks up at the section, and holds up his glove to his ear. We shout louder and he nods. A few minutes later, we score for free pizza and this guy is probably the only opposing goalie who ever got cheered at Yost.

Okay, so UM hockey split with Ferris this weekend, but still ended up winning the regular season CCHA championship (Red's 9th). 3/14 and 3/15 they start CCHA playoffs against Nebraska, looking for tournament championship number 8, and then off to the NCAA's, looking for Red's 3rd national championship and Michigan's 9th.

Interesting facts for you: Red's never lost an NCAA championship game. 17 straight tournaments, 9 Frozen Fours, and 2 trips to the championship game - which we won both times. Red's problem is not getting to the final Four, but getting over that semifinal game (and I'd hardly call this a problem).

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