Friday, November 30, 2007

Investment Advice for the Non-raptured

Since I'm quite sure that most, if not all, of the people I know are unlikely to be Raptured once Jesus returns to Earth, I thought this link might come in handy. It's sound investment advice for those of us who will have to endure the 7 years of tribulation under the reign of the Anti-Christ.

The best tips:
1. Expect a mini-recession resulting from confusion and departure of saints leaving fewer consumers chasing the same amount of goods. Christian nations like the United States will be hardest hit, so consider distributing your portfolio among nations with low percentages of godly people, like China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

Have cash and gold on hand for buying opportunities and let your most sinful friends know you're willing to give cash value for their assets in a pinch.

Armageddon, of course, shapes up to be a boom year for defense contractors, but beware -- this is Satan and Jesus we're talking about and there's a good chance their arms and supplies may come from miracles and other non-standard sources.

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