Thursday, November 8, 2007


This is frightening. Honestly frightening that people such as this live among us. This comes from Deroy Murdock:

While the White House must beware not to inform our enemies what to expect if captured, today’s clueless anti-waterboarding rhetoric merits this tactic’s vigorous defense. Waterboarding is something of which every American should be proud.

By all, any, and every definition of torture, we are torturing people. (People, mind you, who have been named "enemy combatants" by our government, and so therefore are not eligible for a public hearing on the charges against them. So yes, your government could pick YOU up off the street, declare you an "enemy" and imprison and torture you without recourse.) Now one can argue that torture of one is justified in the defense of the many, but should we suggest at any point that this is something to show pride in?

"Hey Bob, nice job electrocuting that rag-head's testicles. High five!"
"Thanks Mike, but it wasn't nearly as cool as that time you cut that camel-jockey's fingers off one by one with a bolt-cutters. That rocked, man."
"Sweet. Let's get some brews. "

Pride? That's what I should feel? I feel sick to my stomach if I actually bother to think about what we do out of fear. Even if it's justified, I feel sick. We've been put in a position where torturing suspects (not convicts, suspects) is our optimal policy, and I'm supposed to be proud? I'd be proud if we'd been able to bring all the 9/11 masterminds (Osama et al) to justice without firing a shot. THAT would have been something to be proud of. By the logic of Deroy Murdock, I should be proud that the cops in Houston beat up some drug dealer. I should be proud when some kid with an attitude problem gets expelled from school.

Maybe it's time to start looking for positions at universities in Canada.

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