Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rich, Woody, and Full of Crap

For those of y'all who are wine peoples. I knew you were faking it the whole time. ("I won't drink any f*#$-ing merlot!"). Original post here, and some selected quotes:

In the first test, Brochet invited 57 wine experts and asked them to give their impressions of what looked like two glasses of red and white wine. The wines were actually the same white wine, one of which had been tinted red with food coloring. But that didn't stop the experts from describing the "red" wine in language typically used to describe red wines. One expert praised its "jamminess," while another enjoyed its "crushed red fruit." Not a single one noticed it was actually a white wine.
More proof that it's all just a front -
The second test Brochet conducted was even more damning. He took a middling Bordeaux and served it in two different bottles. One bottle was a fancy grand-cru. The other bottle was an ordinary vin du table. Despite the fact that they were actually being served the exact same wine, the experts gave the differently labeled bottles nearly opposite ratings. The grand cru was "agreeable, woody, complex, balanced and rounded," while the vin du table was "weak, short, light, flat and faulty". Forty experts said the wine with the fancy label was worth drinking, while only 12 said the cheap wine was.
From these two simple tests, I can only conclude that the experts are attempting to create a cognitive scheme around which they can place specific........................mmmmmmm, beer.

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