Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do the Wolverines now know foreign policy?

So our boys in maize and blue went to Alaska for the weekend (and presumably were able to see Putin at the game, along with Sarah Palin, Sig Hansen from 'Deadliest Catch', Ted Stevens and his federal escort, a polar bear, two huskies, and sixteen oil-slicked sea lions).

How do you drop a game to Alaska?  These are the games where you have to run up your record, so I'm disappointed.  Losing 4-1 on Friday before the 3-2 win on Saturday. Not a terribly impressive weekend.  You'll notice, if you look at the box scores, that we lost Friday with no help from the soph's.  On Saturday they had a combined 5 points.  If these guys play (and our boy Louie did score on Saturday), then this team will keep winning.

Again, Sauer only started one of the games, and Hogan the other. Can you guess who played in which game?

I'm really fascinated to see how this shakes out by the spring. When is the last time Red had a goalie rotation? 1991? I seem to remember that Shields didn't play every game his freshman year.  But since then, he's always had one guy. Stay tuned.

Then again, at the rate things are going, it is all a moot point.  Boston University cannot lose.  Not only can they not lose, they are scoring in huge bunches. Scary stuff from Jack Parker.

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