Thursday, November 20, 2008

Your Christmas Shopping List

Don't miss the hot items selling over at the American Family Association web-site.  As you can imagine from their name, these are regular average people who worry about things like mortgages, kids, schools, and how to get from soccer practice to ballet recitals with time to spare.

Oh wait, that would things real families care about.  The willfully bigoted Jesus cultists over at the AFA are really a raving bunch of lunatics that think gay people actually give a shit about them or their kids. 

To wit: the "They're Coming to Your Town" DVD.  Don't forget to watch the trailer.

If being filled with un-Christian hate is not your thing, why not consider showing the neighborhood that you are a closet KKK member?  Just plug in the handy-dandy light up cross from these guys.

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