Monday, November 3, 2008

Okay God, I get the picture

Apparently the great robot overload of the sky-people has decided that I
should not play soccer. I know this because yesterday while playing I had
some guy fall on top of me and bruise/crack one of my ribs (my left side,
just under where my heart would be). It knocked the wind out of me when it
happened, and then when I could breathe again, it hurt. Bad. It has to be
one of the most annoying injuries you can get, because *everything*
requires your torso to move.

On the bright side, I haven't spit up any blood or blown up like a
balloon, so it looks like I didn't puncture anything.

So let's review my last three soccer seasons
2006-2007: Hyperextend my knee, watch it blow up like a grapefruit, start
wearing old man bionic knee brace
2007-2008: Get hit akwardly, break ankle
2008-2009: Get fell on akwardly, bruise/crack rib

I give up. I'm afraid to go back and play at this point. I'm pretty sure
the next time I touch the field I'll actually lose one of my arms.


Diane Vollrath said...

awkwardly - see even your spelling has been affected

Love mom

Kirstin said...

I am in favor of you keeping all of your limbs. Why not go back to running or playing hockey goalie...

Miss Siggy said...

1. Uncle Richie kicked her so hard in-utero that your grandmother got a cracked rib and still gave birth to him naturally. You are a wimp.
2. It's spelled awkward.