Friday, January 25, 2008

Finally, Your Deepest Questions Answered...

...namely, what religious affiliation does my favorite superhero adhere to? Truly useless information, but I guess this is a commentary on exactly how "empowering" the interwebby is to those of us with "unique viewpoints". Anyway, click here to find out that not only was The Thing (of the Fantastic Four) Jewish but, shockingly, so are Menorah Man and Dreidel Maidel. They should not be confused with Iceman, who is Jewish Catholic (?) . Interestingly, Batwoman is listed as both Jewish and LGBT. So apparently lesbian/gay/bi/transexualality is a religious preference. (If it is, what kind of holidays do you get off? The start of the softball season?)

You'll be happy to know that Wonder Woman worships "Greco-Roman classical religion" (as does Wonder Girl, which I guess makes sense). Hawkman and Hawkgirl worship traditional Egyptian religion, while Storm of the X-men is involved in just "Goddess Worship" (but which one?).

Lilith the Demon Princess is, perhaps not surprisingly, listed as a demon (tough research job on that one). Perhaps more odd is that Vanguard worships Communism. (I don't mean to get picky, but that would probably more of an ideology than a religion, especially given that most Communists rejected religion outright)

Mr. Terrific is agnostic, Despero II is a Scientologist (is this Tom's alter ego?), and Wolverine was "raised Protestant, sometimes atheist, has practised Buddhism, skeptical seeker".

My favorite is Thundra - who is listed as a "Femizonian female supremacist". Girl power, indeed!

By the way, Batman is Episcopalian, Superman is a Methodist, and Daredevil is a Catholic. None of which, I would say, is nearly as cool as being a Femizonian.

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