Friday, January 18, 2008

Great Sports

Last night I found Vancouver/Detroit on HDNET. It's one of the few hockey games I've gotten to watch this year, and the first one I watched almost start to finish. It was excellent. Not just because HD for hockey is great, but the game itself was fantastic. Luongo and Osgood both had just ludicrously good third periods to keep the game tied at 2-2. Then Detroit won in the shootout when Zetterberg made Luongo look kind of silly by sliding a puck right through the wickets. It was a great reminder of why I love hockey.

Of course, the bigger sports news in our house is the Packers. I'm not the first person to think this, but right now I feel like the Packers are in Vegas and found $1000 laying on the street. Throw down some big bets and see what happens, it's not your money! They weren't supposed to be good, and here they are. Glad to see that the temperature will get up to a balmy 6 degrees on Sunday. Extra brats and beer for everyone!

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