Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We're Back!

I know that information on the US Weekly pool has been lacking recently. Christmas, New Years, relatives in town, and a work conference in New Orleans last weekend conspired to keep me off the interweb for a while. But have no fear, here are some updated results:

Month of December:
1. The Boob Jobs (161)
2. F-ing French (150)
3. Ocean's Fifteen (121)
4. Dina Lohan's Playgroup (120)
5. CM's (118)

First Week of January:
1. The Boob Jobs (32)
2. Dina Lohan's Playgroup (28)
3. F-ing French (21)
4. CM's (19)
Fourteen Freaks and Kid (19)

1. The Boob Jobs (238)
2. F-ing French (210)
3. Dina Lohan's Playgroup (186)
4. Ocean's Fifteen (171)
5. CM's (166)
Fourteen Freaks and a Kid (166)

Honestly, this is getting embarrassing. People are going to start thinking I actually pay attention to this stuff. I guess I'll get to hang on to the golden Barbie trophie for another few months. (For information, the Oscar's are Feb. 24th - so you've all got about 6-7 weeks to recover).

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