Friday, January 25, 2008

Latest Hockey News

I have been lax in keeping up with Michigan hockey. So here's some good information to receive:

USCHO/CSTV Division I Poll
1. Michigan (49)
2. Miami (1)
3. Colorado College
4. North Dakota
5. Denver
6. Michigan State
7. New Hampshire
8. Boston College
9. Notre Dame
10. Clarkson

Others of interest (to me, at least)
16. Wisconsin
17. Minnesota

So the Wolverines hold onto the top spot, thanks to a taking 2 games from Notre Dame this last weekend. Coming up tonight and tomorrow - Michigan State home and home. Going to be some good hockey. Billy Sauer is up to 20-2 with a 1.69 GAA. How does Red keep finding these goalies?

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Todd Hachigan said...

I'm still not sold on Sauer. After the 8-5 loss to UND in last year's tourney (7 goals in 25 shots), I'm going to wait for him to come up big when it counts. He played well in last night's loss to MSU, so that may be a good sign. I'm just hoping all the freshmen don't wilt by the end of the year.