Friday, January 18, 2008

Too much to read?

So Kirstin and I both got offers to use up our expiring United miles by ordering magazines. We did not realize we both were doing this, so we are now flooded with magazines. It's kind of fun, but also kind of daunting. Here's the list of magazines we are currently receiving:

1. The Economist
2. Business Week
3. Time
4. Smart Money
5. The Atlantic Monthly
6. The Wilson Quarterly
7. Esquire
8. US Weekly
9. Foreign Policy
10. Financial Times (ok, its a newspaper, but still)
11. ESPN
12. Food and Wine
13. Fine Cooking
14. Wine Spectator
15. Self
16. Shape
17. Architectural Digest
18. Better Homes and Gardens
19. Parenting

I feel like subscribing to something else just to get up to a nice round 20. Now we won't keep all these after our free subscriptions run out, but for the next year I feel kind of bad for our postman.

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