Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bob Vila I am not

So I was doing my best to be crafty today. We decided to build a little bench with cubbyholes underneath that we can use for shoes et al. If you've been in our house, you know that we've got a major shoe disaster area by the back door.

Anyhoo - a big trip to Lowe's and I've got all the lumber I'll need. I sat down and drew out a pretty detailed plan for all the pieces I'd need. I head outside, set up the saw, and proceed to very carefully measure out my pieces. I'm even being clever and using the pieces I have to help measure the pieces I need (e.g. if I need two pieces of the same length, I measure one and then make the other one the same length).

So I'm feeling pretty manly - sweaty, coated in sawdust, and making loud noises with power tools - when it comes time to assemble the new bench. First 3 pieces, great. Put in the bottom support pieces, great. Go to put in the bottom shelf and....huh? Too long. Okay. Back to the saw and take a little off the end. Put is back in and ....huh? It fits, but it's crooked. There are little gaps in opposite corners.

Now how the hell did this happen? I mean, there are a million ways I could have screwed this up, but for the life of me I have no idea what I actually did wrong. With no evidence to the contrary, I'm blaming Lowe's at this point for selling defective wood. Sons of bitches.

In the end, Kirstin saved the day by mentioning the magic words - "trim pieces". Nail some decorative crap over the frame and no one will be able to see the gaps. Voila, problem sovled. Except I still have no freaking clue how straight wood run through a straight saw fails to end up straight. (Maybe it's gay wood?)

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