Thursday, April 24, 2008

NHL Playoffs

Second round starts tonight. So far I'm worried about the Red Wings - they look typically skittish and I'm not convinced that Datsuyk and Zetterberg are really the playoff assassins that you need. Also, who on defense is chasing down all those guys on Dallas who are skating at 100mph? The Stars look hot, and now that Turco has actually won a postseason series, maybe he is going on one of those runs that takes them to a cup.

The Lanche don't scare me - this is a 1998 All-Star team. San Jose is San Jose - and they'll cough it up to Dallas because I don't think Joe Thornton is really the guy you want taking you to the Cup.

In the East, I'm totally pulling for the Penguins. They were fun to watch as the dismantled Ottawa. The Rangers are playing well, but my "New York gets too much attention anyway" radar is on and I'm not inclined to like them right now. Montreal scares me because while they have speed, I'm not sure I trust Price in net and the near collapse to the Bruins is disturbing. That said, what does Philly have going for them? Briere? Okay, but Derian Hatcher is 78 years old now and how do they stop someone with speed like Montreal?

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