Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Hockey Watching

I got to watch the whole Rangers/Penguins game on Friday (game 1). Kind of. Between going outside to push swings, remedying ice-cream-dropped-on-lawn incidents and the like, I was in and out of the house the whole time. I still got to watch a lot of hockey. Except that in a 5-4 game that started out 3-0 NYR before the Pens mounted a furious comeback I saw precisely ZERO goals. It's like the red light goes off in the kids heads 30 seconds before it actually gets lit up in the game (note to self - take kids to Vegas). Every time I came in (usually to wash my hands and retrieve a new beer) I'd do a double take and see that the score had changed. Unbelievable.

(As I write this - Pens are now up 5-3 on the Rangers in game 3, and looking at a 3-0 series lead. When they need to score, they seem to be able to do it at will. Do I smell Stanley? Hmmmm.)

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