Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hockey Night in Houston

So here's a rough rundown of my night:

One fresh six-pack of Harp. Kirstin taking a bath and fully aware that she will not be allowed to manhandle the remote control tonight.

1st period: Notre Dame 1 Michigan 0. Sons of bitches. Crappy D - can't let that guy across the front of the net like that.

1st period: So one of the Hanson brothers has a kid that goes to ND. My hatred for ND no longer burns with the heat of 1000 suns. More like 999.

1st period: ND 2 Michigan 0. Sons of bitches. Soft goal, Sauer. This better not become a habit (see 2007 tournament).

1st period: ND 3 Michigan 0. SAUER!!!!!! I think he might have just pissed himself.

1st intermission: American Idol shocker - that Australian guy gets voted off. (Ok, Kirstin got to touch the remote)

2nd period: Hogan replaces Sauer. Relief, fear. This might be the last time Sauer ever starts a game for Michigan. Even if we were to come back, how can you start Sauer in the Final?

2nd period: ND 3 Michigan 1. Hallelujah! Finally! A pulse. Faint, but a pulse.

2nd period: ND 3 Michigan 2. You magnificent bastards. Flying around the ice now.

2nd intermission: Bonus - Red Wings win game 1 3-1 vs. Nashville. Boston takes that first critical step towards being swept again by Montreal.

3rd period: Nerves. ND has some life back.

3rd period: ND 3 Michigan 3. Screw the Irish! We're back, baby.

3rd period: The dreaded comeback letdown rears its ugly head (see Kansas/NC). We're getting slow and they're jumping.

3rd period: ND 4 Michigan 3. As expected. Sons of bitches.

3rd period: ND 4 Michigan 4. Ah, sweet nectar of life! What a soft goal - which I guess we deserve given that Sauer apparently had money on ND.

3rd period: Tick, tick, tick. Is it me, or does every college hockey tournament game end either 5-1 or in OT?

OT: Sons of bitches. Sons of bitches. Sons of bitches.

The only quality outcome of this Frozen Four is for a comet to destroy Denver during the final game.

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