Sunday, October 7, 2007


So the new AP poll is out after USC's incredible choke job against Stanford (thank you to the Trojans for taking the spotlight off of Michigan). Do we really think BC and South Florida are the #4 and #5 teams in the entire country? But don't they both have a shot at going undefeated, and then won't one of them have to be in the title game?

BC's schedule for the rest of the season:
Oct 13: at Notre Dame
Oct 25: at Virginia Tech
Nov 3: Florida State
Nov 10: at Maryland
Nov 17: at Clemson
Nov 24: Miami
So it seems like a good chance BC could drop one (at VT?), but given Clemson is spitting the bit, Miami just lost to NC, and Florida State looks mediocre again, couldn't BC turn out a 12-0 season? Does anyone really think that LSU/BC is a title game worth having?

How about South Florida. Their remaining schedule is:
Oct 13: U Central Florida
Oct 18: at Rutgers
Oct 27: at Connecticut
Nov 3: Cincinnati
Nov 10: at Syracuse
Nov 17: Louisville
Nov 24: at Pittsburgh
They've got to get through Rutgers (and who would have worried about that game 2 years ago?), at an overrated Cincinnati, and then Central Florida (who did almost punk Texas) is at home. What happens if we end up with South Florida knocking on the door of the BCS title game?

Why oh why can we not have some kind of legitimate playoff?

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