Monday, October 15, 2007

Monkey Cute

Abby got to monkey-sit for Curious George this weekend - he's the class "pet" at school. So here are all three monkey's out for breakfast on Sunday morning. Not sure if George is tired or if he's about to participate in some sort of medical procedure. (Don't worry, no stuffed monkey's were actually harmed)


Petey Esdie said...

teh AWWW!

(this is David, by the way)

Anonymous said...

So I'm going back to nursing school and am taking a chemistry class this semeseter. My professor's favorite unit to teach is the periodic table (really), to which my first reaction is to wonder - does Dietz have a favorite Econimics unit to teach?

Love the blog - it's now marked as a 'favorite', so I'll be (stalking) checking in from time to time! Maybe one of these days we'll get a computer and I'll be able to do one of my own.

BTW - your girls are adorable!

Miss you!

Sarah (Whitman) Patten

Dietz Vollrath said...

Hmmmm....I take great pleasure in explaining the difference between nominal and real interest rates.

Good luck with the periodic table...that's the one with the periods in it, right?

Diane said...

I love the blog - but we need a higher cuteness quotient. The office favorite is your CHuck Norris link. But we wonder - where do you get the time to look up all this stuff?