Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Top Five

Top five songs I've downloaded on iTunes recently
1. I Got a Woman - Ray Charles
2. Spirit in the Night - Bruce Springsteen
3. Bottom of the Barrel - Amos Lee
4. Hallelujah, I Love Her So - Ray Charles
5. A Deeper Shade of Soul - Ray Berretto

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Petey Esdie said...

as much as i am a Mac guy, i've avoided iTunes because of two things:

1. DRM
2. encoding rates

i prefer my music without DRM, thank you, and better yet at 192 Kbps or higher quality.

but now that we have iTunes Plus tracks, which are at 256 Kbps and DRM-free, i'm going to consider the iTunes store again.

of course iTunes is still very mainstream when it comes to music. i've been using to get DRM-free MP3 files for a while. $10/month gets you 30 downloads, and they have a lot of my kind of music (techno, industrial, underground).

my latest five acquisitions:
1. Aiboforcen - "Psychosomatically Unique"
2. Bruderschaft - "Forever"
3. C/A/T - "ATF"
4. C/A/T - "Point of No Return"
5. Manufactura - "We're Set Silently on Fire"

speaking of music, check out this haunting video by Bats for Lashes. pretty cool, and the music's good too.