Monday, October 22, 2007

Go Blue

Fine weekend for Michigan. The hockey team took two from Northern Michigan. My new favorite Wolverine Louie Caporusso had two assists for the weekend, and is tied for second on the team in scoring at 4 points. In a nice sign for the future, 5 of the 10 leading scorers on the team are freshmen (Caporusso, Hagelin, Rust, Pulashaj, and Winnett). Next weekend, BU comes to town for two games. Love to be at Yost for that one.

27-17 at Illinois is a nice way to keep the ball rolling for the football team. I really have never, ever, wanted to beat OSU so bad. They've completely backed into the #1 ranking and will get embarrassed (again) in a national title game. After next weekend, BC will be out of the #2 spot (losing to VT), and LSU will be right back in line for the title game. Do you think OSU has any chance of moving the ball against the LSU defense? Honestly?

Tom Brady is a god.

More random sports:
Not a big fan of the Houston Texans, but since I'm forced to watch all their games I have come to feel some sympathy for them. And Sunday's game against Tennessee was just gut-wrenching. To come back all the way from down by like 28 to take the lead - and then to BLOW it in the end is just sick. They'd be better off having been blown out. It would have been less painful.

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