Monday, October 15, 2007

Random Sports Reactions

Lots happened over the weekend:
1. My dream matchup of BC and South Florida for the college football national championship is one step closer to reality. Thanks to LSU for spitting the bit. Now if only Michigan can hold up their end of the bargain and beat OSU. Go Blue!

2. Michigan hockey dropped their game 4-3 to Minnesota on Saturday. Disappointing, but they hung tough. We get them again later this year at Yost. Time for revenge. No points from Louie Caporusso, but Matt Rust (another freshman) put two in the net.

3. It looks like the Rockies will get to the World Series - will they officially be the worst-dressed World Series team ever? Those uniforms are putrid. They look like a bad softball team.

4. Packers eek out a win - nice bounceback from the Bears debacle. We go to Denver and to Kansas City now. Neither team is good, but two tough places to play. Have a feeling we're looking at splitting those. But I'll take 6-2 at the half-way mark.

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