Monday, May 26, 2008

How Important are You?

This guy had a clever idea - see how important someone is by how many times they've been mentioned on Wikipedia. Here's his informal list:

Winston Churchill: 10,808
Abraham Lincoln: 10,595
Napoleon Bonaparte: 10,414
Moses: 9,443
Jesus: 9,310
Muhammad: 9,194
Batman: 8,953
Julius Caesar: 8,766
Superman: 7,945
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer": 7,371
Christopher Columbus: 7,181
Albert Einstein: 7,135
Romulans, race in "Star Trek": 6,176
Buffy Summers, main character in "Buffy": 6,034
Battle of Gettysburg: 5,581
Klingons, race in "Star Trek": 4,895
Incredible Hulk: 4,892
Iron Man: 4,807
Buddha: 4,775
Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, aka The Fonz: 3,659
Spider-Man: 3,607

I, for one, have ALWAYS thought Batman was historically underrated, and I'm glad to see Wikipedia finally gets him his due as more relevant than that jerk-off Julius Caesar. What did he ever do? Shockingly, though, I see that Romulans are more popular than Klingons. I smell a jihad.

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Anonymous said...

No Captain Kirk, General Patton, Lombardi's Packers, or Green Lantern? This can not be taken seriously.