Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wonder drug?

So this stuff Progivil sounds like it is some kind of science fiction construct. An intrepid writer decided to try some, and wrote about the experience here. Progivil was supposed to be used to treat narcolepsy, but enterprising students discovered that in normal people it heightened mental alertness and concentration. Not only that, but it acts as an appetite suppressant, so people often lose weight while taking it.

There has to be a drawback to this stuff (assuming that it actually works, and is not just causing some kind of placebo effect), right? I just imagine that at some point your liver must explode or something.

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Mr. Gunn said...

Johann's article was a sensationalist piece of fluff, written for an English tabloid. I wouldn't take his account seriously, because he's wrong about what the drug does and his account doesn't agree with other published accounts. All the stuff does is keep you awake. It doesn't increase your memory or intelligence.

There are safer and more effective ways to do that, discussed here.