Friday, May 16, 2008

People are stupid - Part 1

Quick, what's the first thing that comes to mind when you see a rainbow? Leprechauns? Kermit the Frog? Rain? Noah's Ark?

Eh - wrong. The first thing that came to your mind was sex. That's right. Educator David Davis, principal of Ponce de Leon High School in Panama City, FL, asserted this during a trial in which he attempted to defend his decision regarding his ban on rainbow-based items. (Article here)

Mr. Davis had forbidden junior Heather Gillman from wearing any sort of clothing, stickers, buttons, or symbols that included rainbows, because these showed her support for rights for gay people. Mr. Davis testified that rainbows are "sexually suggestive" and would make students unable to concentrate because they would be picturing gay sex in their minds.

An interesting side note - students at Ponce de Leon are welcome to wear or show the Confederate flag.

Thankfully, the federal court ruled (and I'm paraphrasing this a little), "Mr. Davis is a douchebag."

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